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Gadgets in Nepal | Get the latest news, reviews and price of mobile phone: Samsung mobile

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Samsung mobile

Samsung Telecommunications is one of five business units within Samsung Electronics, belonging to the Samsung Group, and consists of the Mobile Communications Division, Telecommunication Systems Division, Computer Division, MP3 Business Team, Mobile Solution Centre and Telecommunication R&D Centre. Telecommunication Business produces a full spectrum of products from mobiles and other mobile devices such as MP3 players and laptop computers to telecommunication network infrastructure. Headquarters is located in Suwon, South Korea.
samsung mobile price in nepal, samsung mobile
Samsung Mobile price in Nepal

In 2007 Samsung Telecommunication Business reported over 40% growth and became the second largest mobile device manufacturer in the world.[1] Its market share was 14% in Q4 2007, growing up form 11.3% in Q4 2006.[2] At the end of November 2011, Samsung sold more than 300 million mobile devices which was a close second after Nokia with 300.6 million mobile devices sold in the first three quarter of 2011.[3] As of Q3 2012, Samsung is the largest manufacturer of devices running Google Android with a 46% market share.

Samsung mobiles price in Nepal:
- Samsung Galaxy S4 Price in Nepal


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  2. What would be the recent price of samsung Y Dous s6102?

  3. i wanna know the price of dell vostro 2441,i5

  4. I can spend 25k to samsung which mobile i can prefer

    1. to be honest, right now samsung galaxy s3, s4, note 2, note3, and grand mega 6.3 are only the device which i suggest. Believe me beside them all other galaxy mobiles sucks. better to go with other mobile company in your price range. I will suggest you to go for sony xperia L which comes in your budget and its a great handset in this budget. or if you like windows phone than go with nokia lumia 720, good camera, good music and good maps.

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  5. at 30k which would be the perfect phone to buy of any company of any OS?


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