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Gadgets in Nepal | Get the latest news, reviews and price of mobile phone: June 2013

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Nokia lumia 720 price in Nepal

Nokia Lumia 720 is the new mid range windows 8 mobile by Nokia which is now available in Nepal. New Nokia Lumia 720 is the thinnest windows 8 mobile among the lumia line up. Beside that it is also capable of capturing good photos in low light conditions, thanks to its new camera lens. Now talking about its price, Nokia Lumia 720 is currently available at price of Nrs. 35,500 Nrs.30,000.00 in Nepal. Now here is the question, Is it worth to buy New Nokia Lumia 720 at this price range??? I would say NO. A BIG NO. Because though it is has a better camera and it is thin among nokia lumia line up but still it does not have HD screen, only got 512MB RAM, capable of recording only 720p HD videos and last but not least less number of apps. Yes, still windows 8 apps market is far behind from android and ios apps market. So, Nokia Lumia 720 will be the prefect device for those who either don't have enough budget to to buy Nokia lumia 920 or don't want to buy Nokia Lumia 620(due to small screen).
Nokia lumia 720 price in Nepal
Nokia Lumia 720 price in Nepal

Here are the specs of Nokia Lumia 720:
Dimension: 127.9 x 67.5 x 9 mm
Diplay: IPS 4.3 inch LCD with 480X800 pixels resolution
OS: Microsoft Windows Phone 8
Camera: 6.1MP on rear and 1.3MP on front. Both camera can record 720p HD video at 30fps.
Processor: 1Ghz dual core krait
GPU: Adreno 305
Ram: 512MB
Internal memory: 8GB, expandable upto 64GB
Battery life: 15hr17min take time, 7hr37min web browsing and 6hr43min video playback.

Nokia Lumia 720 price in Nepal: Nrs. 35,500.00 Nrs. 30.000.00