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About Us

Gadgets in Nepal
Gadgets in Nepal
Hi everyone, Welcome to our blog Gadgets In Nepal. It all started back in 2010, when there were no any kind of blogs or websites which gives the information about the mobile phones available in Nepal. 
I used to search the prices of mobile phones in the Google but all the time I used to get Indian blogs and websites. And that's how I decided to do something which helps people like me in Nepal to get information about the mobile phones and other gadgets available in Nepal. 
At first I created a Facebook fan page named Gadgetsinnepal on October 24, 2010 and later on June 26, 2011 I created this blog and started blogging about the mobile phones and other gadgets available in Nepal. Hope you guys will enjoy the information in the blog. 
If you have any kind of queries or suggestions than you are free to post them in our blog or in our Facebook fan page.                        
                                                                          JAI NEPAL :P

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